The Black Mother


Everyone knows that when you hear black mother, images start to pop into our minds. A woman who is strong, a woman who is motherly, a woman who displays tough love, & a woman who disciplines.

The black mother used to be seen as single, and unmarried. Why? Because it was and somewhat still is a stereotype that the black mother conflicts with. Not every black mother is single. Not every black mother is unmarried.

A black mother is never single because she has a relationship with her children. Her children have been nurtured by her and have come to understand a mother’s love.

A black mother is never unmarried because she is married to the values of her everyday life. Her values have held her down in her decision-making, and a black mother knows her worth.

The Black Mother

The Night

We come alive in the night time. Most of the time it’s where we let loose and be one with ourselves. To break away from the restraints we’ve been bound to, not only me but you, yes you. The night where we come together with not just ourselves but others, others who’ve been in the same situation, no abrasion, simple persuasion, to live, yes to live and breath and not be condemned to the standards set among us. We only live once, not twice, unless you consider the after life that is not promised, you may not agree but we can agree to disagree, I’m just being me. The night, to break away, to momentarily forget your worries, worries that have consumed thee, stressed thee, depressed thee, take a moment to just breathe for in the night, you can only just be, one with yourself, just live.